Dream Check

Oh hayyy, 

Have you ever stared at a photo of yourself from fifteen years ago?

If not, I highly suggest it – because there is wisdom there waiting for you. 

Recently, I had a particularly crummy day. I was in my head despite my best self-coaching. 

I marched upstairs in a huff – determined to do something – a bath, meditation, scream into a pillow, anything! – to turn this day around.

As I passed the framed photos hanging above my banister, one in particular caught my eye. 

It’s a photo of me, my husband Scott, my son Ryan, and daughter Cora – from 2005. 

We’re standing on a beach, wind whipping our hair, wearing matching white and muted pastels. 

That was a happy day, but smiles were in limited supply for me back then. As a stressed-out wife, mom, and residential real estate agent – “struggle” was my middle name. 

2005 Susan Hyatt had plenty of dreams. 

To become a self-made millionaire, doing important, fulfilling, life-changing work. 

To find body liberation and prioritize joy. 

To create wealth in all areas of my life – bank account, time, freedom, and peace. 

Staring at that old photo, I realized: 

I am living my former self’s dream. 

And you are, too. 

Tuck this email away somewhere safe. Whip it out anytime you’re having a crummy day. 

Because when those days hit – I want you to know that things will absolutely get better. 

All you need to do is look back at your past to realize that you’re living the dream.

xoxo, Susan


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