Double Your Pleasure

Oh hayyy reader,

After nearly fifteen years as a Master Life Coach and CEO, if there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that the more pleasure you have, the more money you make. 

I know this because I used to be the poster child for “workaholic.” My belief was: the harder you work, the more money you make. I even wore this as a badge of honor. Life was a vicious cycle of crunching over a computer screen, racing around from appointment to appointment, and ignoring my family (even on holidays). The only pleasure I got from that time was in a wheel of brie and a loaf of crusty bread that I would enjoy before passing out on the couch. 

When I hit complete burnout, I realized something had to give. I slowly began to infuse pleasure & fun into my day. A short walk. Reading a chapter of a racy novel. Eating my lunch without answering 50 emails. 

The benefits were immediate, and I noticed my stress starting to melt away. Did I feel “guilty” for indulging in pleasure when I was supposed to be working? Honestly, yes, at first I did. But I quickly recognized this was a low-quality thought and decided to swap it with a high-quality idea: the more pleasure I had, the more money, success, and happiness I would achieve.

When I tell my clients that they need more pleasure, they often look at me like I have twelve heads. They say: “Susan, have you gone mad? I have so many important work things to do! Businesses to build! Ceilings to shatter! Scenes to make! Now I need to squeeze time out of my schedule for pleasure?”

My answer is: yes, yes, oh HELL YES. 

Why? Because if your life is completely void of pleasure, you will start to see the negative side effects on your business, your mission, and your life in general. 

If you’re always running on empty, burnt-out, and exhausted, your business will suffer. Your clients won’t get the best version of you. You won’t have the energy to stand up for causes you believe in. Your family will be gossiping about you in hushed/annoyed whispers: “there she is, working AGAIN.” 

If you want more success, more progress, more happiness, more of anything – you’ve got to fill your pleasure cup every single day. 

And I’m no exception. 

Overall, I’ve done a good job over the years at prioritizing pleasure, but on occasion, I’ve let my pleasure well run dry. 

So I created an experiment. It’s called: FUN FRIDAYS. 

Fun Fridays are exactly as they sound – replacing hard work with a healthy dose of fun on Friday. 

Women are starved for pleasure, and the more “starved” we are, the more the patriarchy wins. 

If we want to smash all the glass ceilings and make a real difference, we’ve got to have more pleasure.  

This is why I don’t work on Fridays, and neither should you. 

My challenge for you is to block off one Friday this month. If you can spare more than one Friday, that’s even better. If you simply can’t schedule an entire Fun Friday, then block off a chunk of time (two hours, one hour, whatever you can spare) and do something that feels seriously fun. 

Ladies, get out there and play. 


xoxo, Susan


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