Don’t let anyone tell you what your fuel is, how much of it you need, or what is “good.”


Last weekend I was in Savannah for my big Clear Coaches LIVE event. It was OFF THE HOOK, but more on that later.

On Thursday, Super Awesome Ashley and I went to breakfast at a charming little corner restaurant and tackled the “to do” list for the weekend. I was so excited to be served a gorgeous French press of coffee, along with a nifty timer for boldness. The waitress explained that there was a 3 minute, 4 minute and 5 minute sand timer, and I was OVERCOME with excitement. I believe there was gasping involved.


Ashley and I debated, do we want the 4 minute or the 5 minute? She opted to go for the four minute boldness level, and I said, “What the hell!” and braved the boldness that the five minute timer would reveal.

As three minute timer ran out, a waiter passed by the table, scooped up the entire timer set and said, “There you go. Y’all are set!”

I immediately said, “Hey! Whoa, where are you going with that?”

Annoying waiter, “The three minutes are up. You’re good.”

At this point, it was about to get dicey, as you know from this story, I HAVE NOT HAD MY COFFEE YET.

I reply, “Put that back down. She wants the four minute brew, and I want the five minute.”

Waiter, “No, you want the three minute. Trust me.”

Me, “No I do not. I want the five minute.”

Waiter puts the timing set down and mutters while walking away, “Well ok but I think the three minute is best.”

Ashley and I look at one another in disbelief. Ashley said, “Can you believe he’s trying to tell us how we want our coffee?” GAH!!! I like my coffee as bold as you can make it.

Unfortunately, where women and food (and life for that matter) are concerned, this happens all the time. There’s always someone out there who wants to tell you how to do it. And as it relates to food, we cannot let others dictate what’s right for us.

Don’t let anyone tell you what your fuel is, how much of it you need, or what is “good.”

You decide that. Your body decides that. Not your mama, your BFF, Weight Watchers or your waiter.

Pay attention to your own taste buds and how your body responds to what you put in it. That’s what decides.

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xoxo, Susan


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