Don’t be mad about the results you didn’t earn from the work you didn’t do.

Your friend just landed a six-figure consulting contract with a tremendously cool client. You wish it were you.

What you might be forgetting is that your friend courted that client for eight months, whipped together a sensational proposal, delivered the proposal even though she was terrified she was going to get rejected, and spent hours practicing and refining her presentation in front of a mirror (even though she felt totally dorky) so that she could land the contract of a lifetime.

She earned it.

Your colleague just scored herself a primo feature in the pages of O: The Oprah Magazine. You wish it were you.

What you might be forgetting is that your colleague took a red-eye flight to attend a magazine publishing conference, boldly handed her business card to an editor, followed up with a hand written note and a gift, wrote a creative press release, circled back with a personal phone call, and wooed that editor for multiple weeks after that.

She earned it.

Your best girlfriend just dropped thirty pounds, looks five years younger, bikes to work every day on an adorable hot pink cruiser and got an entirely new wardrobe to celebrate her new bod. You’ve seen every single outfit in her unfairly cute Instagram feed. You wish it were you.

What you might be forgetting is that your girlfriend dragged her ass to the gym, sweated, pushed and grunted even on days when she didn’t feel like it, faced her worst fears, confronted the unresolved emotions that were driving her to overeat, broke a lifelong cycle of self-hating and unhealthy dieting, and made a complete lifestyle transformation.

She earned it.

It’s so easy to gaze out at other people’s lives and careers and feel resentful, jealous or just plain defeated.

So easy to make justifications for your unwillingness to take action (“I’m busy…. I’ve got kids… I’ll start on Monday… But my website isn’t ready yet!”)

So easy to do nothing at all.

That’s fine. Do nothing if that’s what suits you.

But if you are choosing to do nothing…

Dont be mad about the results you didn’t earn from the work you didn’t do.

I was that girl — stuck and frustrated girl — for years and it brought me zero satisfaction — just a whole mess of jealousy and tons of regret over missed opportunities.

That’s no way to move through this short, precious life that we’re given.

See something you want?

Don’t be jealous.

Be driven.

Choose to make it happen.

Put in the time, sweat and courage.

Be your own white knight.

Do the work.

Nothing (and I mean nothing) feels better than savoring a personal triumph… a huge breakthrough… a new business… a new body… a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity… a heightened level of confidence and inner strength that can never be taken away… looking back on all of the hard, messy and beautiful work that you did to create it, and knowing, without a doubt,

I earned it.



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xoxo, Susan


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