Do you LOATHE exercise? This is for you.


I was at the gym this morning with my trainer, Eli Green, and we almost videoed me doing this CRAZAY side plank with a band. A BAND. Around my waist. Seriously. I am getting stronger.

Anyway, I decided that many of you are in a place where you are slamming down the snooze button, and watching me side plank might not be motivating for you. Like, at ALL.

So today I am talking to all y’all who are sleeping in and telling yourselves that you hate, hate, HATE exercise.

I get it. I used to LOATHE it.

But really, what I hated was what I told myself about it.

“Women who work out are shallow.”

“You have much more important work to do.”

“The only time you will catch me running is of someone is chasing me with a machete.”

“I can’t take the little time I have away from my family.”

And yet I still had time to also tell myself that since I wasn’t working out at all, I was a “lazy slob.”

I couldn’t win. And maybe you are painting yourself into a no win/won’t exercise corner too.

Here’s what I know for sure. Moving my body has unlocked every wish for my life that seemed out of reach. Our human bodies were designed to MOVE. When we move it, energy flows. When energy flows, ideas surface, solutions present themselves, mood lifts, and vitality returns.

If you want to talk to me LIVE about how to get off the couch and into a lifestyle that values caring for your god pod, join me on Periscope Friday morning at 9 am CT. Bring your questions. I’ll help you.

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xoxo, Susan


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