Do you have a pleasure deficiency?

In the most difficult times, I’ve discovered an unexpected lifeline: Pleasure & joy.

Leaning into what brings me joy, even when my life feels stripped of it, has gotten me through some deeply challenging personal situations. 

Yet, sadly, millions of women are severely pleasure deficient. Nine out of 10 clients who come to me are starving for pleasure.

I was once this woman too—my days a blur of rushed mornings, unfulfilling work, resentful of the invisible workload at home, then feeling guilty for that resentment, and nights spent stewing in bed, unable to sleep. 

When I talk about pleasure & joy as a lifeline, I’m not exclusively referring to sexual pleasure—though that’s definitely something to add to the list! I’m talking about pleasure from moving your body, pleasure from delicious meals, pleasure from art, pleasure from adventure, pleasure from cozy moments in your silk PJs, pleasure from creative projects. When the going gets tough, we often forget about what brings us pleasure, rather than doubling down on that joy. 

On the flip side, a lack of pleasure takes a huge toll on our health. It disrupts your hormonal balance, your cortisol levels, your digestion, your immune system, and your whole entire body. A pleasure-starved life is a breeding ground for illness and burnout.

I want you to ask yourself, “are you pleasure-deficient?” 

Are you exhausted, lethargic, or stressed?

Are you constantly filling everyone else’s pleasure cup but neglecting your own?

Does your to-do list inspire dread rather than motivation?

Are you less-than-enthused about summer because it means even more workload gets dumped on your plate?  

Do you not even have summer plans that delight you?

If you’re nodding in agreement, I want you to follow these simple tips to bring more pleasure & joy into your life right away. 

  1. Make a Pleasure List

Many of my clients report that they’re so pleasure deficient, they’re not even sure what pleasure is anymore. Carve out a bit of time this weekend to make your list of things that ignite joy for you. Think of it like your personal pleasure manifesto—something you can easily refer to when you need a dose of joy. 

  1. Check Your Space. 

One common pleasure-sucking culprit is your environment. Pay attention to the aesthetics, ambiance, sounds, and even the smells around you. Small tweaks, like changing what you watch on TV or swapping paper towels for linen napkins, can make a world of difference.

  1. Get Others on Board.

Think of it as your personal council of joy—a group of friends committed to holding one another accountable to pleasure. There’s so much power in women coming together and prioritizing their needs.  

Pleasure is not frivolous or selfish. It’s like a power vitamin that your body needs to function optimally. 

Try to think of at least three different ways that you can infuse pleasure in your life this week and all summer long. If you need help, I’m bringing back my fan-favorite program, Summer of Yes, for this very reason. Details dropping next week. 

Until then, say yes to pleasure and watch what happens for you.

xoxo, Susan


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