Disappointment… Or, New Appointment?

Here are three things I deeply dislike:

1. Loud chewers and gum-smackers.

2. Men who disrespect women in the workplace… or any other place.

3. When you work really hard on something… only to wind up disappointed.

Disappointment can burn. It can burn away your motivation, your energy, your optimism. It can rattle your faith. It can leave you wondering, “Why did I even bother? All that work. All that time. All that money. What a waste.”

Disappointment comes in many flavors. It might be a business launch that doesn’t turn out so hot. It might be the end of a job. The end of a marriage. A trip that gets canceled. A friend who flakes at the last moment.

When disappointment creeps in, we have two choices.

We can wallow in the bitterness. “I’m so disappointed.”

Or, we can learn whatever lesson is being offered, and then decide, “I’m done with disappointment. It’s time for… a new appointment.”

Disappointment: The party’s canceled. Boo.

New appointment: I’m curling up with my fave TV show instead. Yay!

Disappointment: I only sold 12 copies of my book. Pathetic.

New appointment: I guess that means I’ll be donating 88 copies to local schools, libraries, women’s shelters, and hospitals. Awesome!

Disappointment: My teenager left filthy clothes all over the floor. Again.

New appointment: My teenager is teaching me valuable lessons about boundaries, consistency, and speaking up assertively. I’ve scheduled a family meeting for 7pm tonight.

Try writing down one of your biggest disappointments. Then, reframe the situation. Write down a new story… a new perspective… a new appointment you’re setting for yourself.

Is it disappointment… or a chance for a beautiful new appointment?

The only person who gets to make that decision… is you.

xoxo, Susan


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