Dark times bring magic.

Dark times brings out the worst in people and also the best. Bullies and heroes. Greed and generosity. Fear and courage.

Dark times reveal things you need to deal with, things you’ve avoided for a long time but can’t ignore any longer.

Dark times will test you. 

Dark times demand the best of you. 

Dark times call upon you to focus, concentrate, be brave, be resilient, focus on the high-quality solutions, give your absolute all, and lead instead of follow.

Dark times bring out your light.

Dark times bring magic.

2020 has been a chaotic, challenging year for practically everyone on planet earth.

Maybe you’ve dealt with pandemic drama or personal drama or both. 

Maybe your income took a temporary hit or your ego took a blow.

Maybe you realized that you don’t like your career as much as you thought, that you’re not living your purpose and it hurts, or your life has become cluttered in a way you never intended.

Maybe you had the rude awakening that you’ve been hiding behind a cloak of privilege your whole life while your Black friends endure unthinkable hardship and pain. 

Amidst these dark times, what have you lost and what have you gained? 

What is the uncomfortable gift that 2020 has brought to you?

What did you learn that you are determined never to forget? 

Dark times bring magic.

Susan Hyatt

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