Celebrate Yourself

A few days ago I received the best message in my inbox. Katy wrote to me explaining how she was loving the BARE Deck, and even shared it with her friends at school. She told me how the deck was empowering her to celebrate herself like a QUEEN should.  Yaaaaas!


Here’s what she wrote:

Dear Ms Hyatt,

My mom bought the Bare Deck and we have shared it since December. Sometimes I take it to school and we draw cards at the lunch table. Even our cafeteria teachers get into them!

So weird but I kept drawing the “Celebrate Yourself” card. I think you wrote that card just for me because I didn’t even go to the Homecoming Dance because I was worried about my weight.

I am not doing that anymore! I promise you I am going to BE BOLD and OWN MY POWER. (Caps for yelling in a happy way.)

Also, can you share your favorite gym gear because I am going to show up and “adorn myself” the way a QUEEN would.



And here was my response:

Dear Queen Katy,

I can’t tell you how happy to makes me to know that you are sharing the deck at school! And yes, I think if you are drawing the same card over and over….then I probably DID write it just for you.

You are waking up. Pay attention. Notice what you want and desire. And never, ever let the size of your jeans keep you from claiming it.

You keep me posted, because us QUEENS need to stick together.

All my support,

Since Katy was curious about my favorite gym gear, I thought I’d share it here too. I just bought all this and I’m in LOVE!



P.S. If you’re super passionate about helping women learn to love their bodies,We’re starting our next round of my BARE Certification program soon!  So grab your spot now!

xoxo, Susan


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