Burn It Up

Oh hey, 

Recently, I had a deep desire to host something “live” and in-person for my business. 

Sure, webinars, online challenges, and masterclasses are great for connecting with people virtually all over the world. But nothing replaces that magical AF connection you get when you’re face-to-face with a group of amazing women. 

Because I always do the most, I hosted a completely over-the-top, two-night dinner party – welcoming 60 people to my backyard. 

We ate, drank, laughed, cuddled my puppies, and – most importantly – burned to the ground what wasn’t serving us.

As one attendee said: “you know it’s going to be a good night when you’re setting things on fire at the dinner table.”

What I know for sure after running a successful coaching practice for over a decade is this: 

If you want to build a bright future, you’ve got to burn up what’s weighing you down. 

And what often weighs us down are low-quality thoughts. 

In a pre-pandemic world, my business looked a lot different. I offered plenty of online experiences like digital courses, AND I hosted incredible in-person experiences like luxe retreats to Italy or game-changing live conferences that helped hundreds of women to finish strong. 

I love both sides of my business, the expansiveness of online connection and the thrill and depth of being together in the real world. 

The pandemic stripped away those in-person experiences for a period of time. But as we began to emerge from quarantine, I had a massive craving to connect with people offline. Hence, my dinner party idea was born. 

And that idea for a swanky dinner party kicked up some serious nonsense and negativity in my brain. 

As a life coach, I know that when this happens, it’s time to eavesdrop on my thoughts and discover what I’m saying to myself. My mind was swirling with things like:

No one’s going to want to come to Evansville. It’s a pain to travel here!

People won’t feel comfortable traveling right now.

Everyone’s telling me to double down on SEO, Facebook ads, and online webinars. Should I really be putting time, energy, and money into a free dinner party?

These low-quality thoughts made me feel insecure, stuck and overwhelmed – about a DINNER PARTY. 

Y’all know I needed to burn that low-quality mess to the ground and pivot to high-quality thinking real quick. 

Instead of worrying that no one would come to my dinner party, I replaced that with a sizzling new, high-quality thought. People do want to come to a charming small town and crave connection, just like me.

Instead of worrying about business strategy and what “everyone else was saying” (confirmation bias is extra messy, y’all!) – I decided to lead with pleasure & fun – creating a priceless experience for everyone who attended.

If you find yourself spiraling and wallowing in thoughts that don’t serve you, I want you to eavesdrop on those low-quality thoughts and burn them up, boo!

p.s. We used ‘wish paper’ at my dinner party to burn up that low-quality mind chatter. You can grab some on Amazon and do this exercise on your own! Bonus points if you take a picture and share it in the GO TIME Facebook Group. 

xoxo, Susan


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