Body-shaming is boring.


Have you ever walked into a space that is so beautiful, it doesn’t even seem real?

Like you’ve stepped into a National Geographic photo-spread or a computer-generated virtual reality. So gorgeous, it’s almost alarming.

That’s how I felt when I arrived at Hostal De La Gavina on the coast of Spain.

La Gavina is a five-star hotel that sits on the tip of a peninsula, right at the edge of the Mediterranean Sea. It has a pool, ocean views, a private beach—oh, and did I mention, there’s a poolside cafe where you can order lobster, grilled prawns and paella, all delivered right to your lounge chair along with a glass of Spanish wine.

Completely over-the-top luxury. Total paradise.

From the moment I arrived, my jaw was hanging about two feet below the rest of my face. I squealed “OMG!” to myself—and everyone around me—at least sixteen times per hour. Every detail about the resort was above-and-beyond my wildest dreams.

One afternoon, I’m relaxing by the pool, sipping my drink, bathed in golden sunlight, gazing out at the unbelievably blue ocean.

As I’m sunbathing, I overhear a group of fellow resort guests—about a dozen American women—chatting amongst themselves as they lay out their pool towels.


“I’m fat because of my knee surgery. Ugh!”

“I love your suit. I’m too flabby for that.”

“I hate my stomach.”

My body clenches up.

Ladies: seriously?! 

You’re in literal, actual paradise and the primary topic of conversation is…

“tummy flab”?


Life is too short for this kind of boring (yes: boring) self-inflicted violence.

You want to end violence against women?

It starts with the next thing you say to yourself.

Drop the nonsense. It’s toxic. It’s disrespectful. It hurts you, your friends, and every woman and girl within earshot. It’s the wrong message and it’s the wrong conversation. Next topic, please!

The next time you’re hanging with your girlfriends, perhaps you could talk about…

– The wage gap—and what we’re gonna do to close it.

– How to be a #ladyboss and run your own business or self-directed career.

– Fitness and self-care: what makes you feel strong, powerful, and energized?

– New discoveries: what are you reading, listening to, watching, and totally loving?

– Negotiation: do you love it, hate it, feel terrified about it? When was the last time you pushed for something “extra” or “asked for the whole can”?

– Role models: who are your heroes and sheroes and why?

– The last diet you ever tried—and why you finally decided to stop punishing your body with detoxes, cleanses, and rapid weight-loss programs that DO NOT work and that only limited your life and harmed your self-esteem.

– Your favorite thing about… yourself. What’s your best quality or secret talent? When was the last time you stood up for yourself and felt amazingly brave?

Now THOSE are some poolside conversations that I would LOVE to overhear.

Body-shaming is seriously boring.

Together: let’s change the conversation.


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xoxo, Susan


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