Become Joy

I always say I want to be the woman with the stories and not the regrets.

This week, I posted a simple question on my Facebook: What’s on your bucket list?

The post flooded with comments, everything from seeing pyramids in Egypt to staying at a Giraffe Manor in Kenya to doing a TED talk.

This thread lit me up and reminded me why I do what I do.

Hi, I’m Susan Hyatt, and I’m a joy maker.

But I don’t tell women to schedule joy… I help them BECOME JOY.

One way I do that?

By helping you say YES.

Yes to your dreams. Yes to boundaries. Yes to showing up. Yes to asking for opportunities. Yes to making memories. Yes to trying something new. Yes to being seen. Yes to booking that trip. Yes to setting bigger goals. Yes to going after everything that you want.

When you say yes to the things that you crave, your entire world opens up. Beautiful opportunities begin to float your way. You feel more vibrant & energized. Your relationships deepen. Your work feels richer. Your soul ignites with joy.

If you feel the urge to do something, it’s time to make it happen.

I’m sensing you want this, you know this, but you’re still hesitating—believing that it’s just “not the right time.”

But when it comes to bringing more joy into your life – to getting more of what you want – you’ve got to stop postponing your dreams and choose to say “yes.”

It will never be the “right time.” I wish we could stomp that phrase right out of existence.

If you find yourself scrolling through other people’s Facebook posts full of incredible vacations, business wins, celebrations, dinner parties, retreats, and other adventures, and wonder – why not me? …

Stop your scroll and join them.

You are not alone. I used to be like this – seething over a photo of my friend on a chic Parisian vacation with her husband, complete with a visit to a French castle. I rattled off every excuse: “the money is better spent elsewhere,” “it’s not practical,” and “what if my kids need me?”

I’m sure you can already guess what I did.

I said “yes” to joy and booked my own damn French castle.

Make this the year you say YES to at least one item on your bucket list.

Collect those passport stamps.
Book your ticket to that retreat.
Start that business.
Buy that property.
Throw that party.
Pitch yourself for that opportunity.

Relentlessly pursue joy.

And before long, you will become it.


p.s. If you want more joy in your life, please work with me! You can even check Italy & growing your business off your bucket list in Lake Como, Italy. Let me help you create what you crave!

xoxo, Susan


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