Be Yo’ Own Santa!


It’s Christmas Eve, and for many of you, you’ve really been hustling to make everyone else’s holiday amazing. And for many others of you, you are grieving the loss of having kids at home, a relationship, or loved ones who have passed away. Whatever your circumstance, I want to encourage you to take good care of yourself and “Be Your Own Santa!”

What does that meaaannnnnn, SusanHyatt?!

It might be as simple as ordering what you want as a gift so that you get what exactly you want.

It could also mean that you slow down and take a nap.

Being your own Santa might mean that you call a loved one and ask for help, admit you are lonely or give forgiveness you’ve withheld for too long.

Whatever you need– you deserve to give that to yourself whenever possible.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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xoxo, Susan


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