Are you walking your talk?

The business coach who’s completely broke.

The writing coach who hasn’t released a new book since since 1982.

The sex coach who’s tense, uptight, and clearly hasn’t had an orgasm anytime recently.

And, even…

The life coach who spends most of her day glued to her phone, scrolling through Instagram, and who doesn’t have much of a life.


Would you hire any of those people? Nope. You wouldn’t.

Even if their website appeared sleek and polished, energetically, you’d sense something was “off.”

Would you pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for their guidance?


Hard pass.

If you’re a coach, consultant, advisor, trainer, teacher, healer, mentor—anyone who’s in the business of transformation—you’d better make sure you are walking your talk. If not, trust and believe, your clients can feel it. (And they’ll be running in the opposite direction.)

This doesn’t mean you need to be “perfect.”

Cuz, no one is perfect.

Everyone falters.

I’m sure even Suze Orman has made a few poor financial decisions in her life. I’m sure Brené Brown has days where she just doesn’t feel like “daring greatly.”

And, I’m sure Beyoncé has moments where she doesn’t wanna slay.

And, oh, big surprise! I have days where I lose my sparkle, too! ?

Everyone’s human.

But overall—most hours, most days, more often than not—you need to be living the messages that you preach.

Are you doing this?

If not, do not bully yourself. Just try to get things back on track. Example? If you’re a life coach with no life, now is the moment to hug your kids tightly, slice up some watermelon and throw a spontaneous party in your backyard, book that vacation you’ve been postponing, or volunteer for a noble cause and fill your heart to the brim.

Get that well-lived-life glow back!

A few tweaks might be all it takes.

Nobody wants to hire a sad, frumpy life ANYONE with no life. That’s a fact.

If your business has been stuck lately—not generating the income you want—your first move is to align your words and your actions.

Practice what you preach. Walk your talk.

And then watch the dollars roll in.

Trust. Me.






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xoxo, Susan


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