Are You Surrounded By Givers or Takers?

The other day, as I was preparing for the upcoming round of my Beyond Mastermind, a rush of memories got me deep in thought. Memories of past groups, the intense six months we’d spent together, and the remarkable transformations that took place.

I witnessed those incredible women chase goals they never thought possible, pivot in directions they hadn’t anticipated, and create huge shifts in their lives. 

But here’s the truly magical part—the part that lights me up every single time I host a round of Beyond: The group dynamics.

In every group, there’s that one person who’s always cheering—making sure no effort goes unnoticed. There’s always someone ready to offer a compassionate ear, providing comfort on tough days. There’s the “unofficial mascot” of the group, bursting with spontaneous motivation, sprinkling our days with infectious enthusiasm.

What truly warms my heart is this: Every woman who steps into this mastermind is a GIVER.

Givers are the people who genuinely invest in your well-being. They’re present, listening to your stories, cheering on your successes, and offering a shoulder during tough times. They bring joy, trust, and camaraderie to your life.

On the other hand, takers drain your energy. While they might be around in good times, their presence can feel more transactional than genuine. They might only reach out when they need something, rarely taking an interest in you unless it serves them in some way. 

Conversations with takers can often revolve around them, with little room for your thoughts or feelings. Over time, their pattern of “take-take-take” can create a one-sided dynamic, leaving you feeling unappreciated, undervalued, and overshadowed. Instead of mutual respect and understanding, interactions with takers often come with an underlying tension, leaving you constantly second-guessing the relationship.

So, ask yourself: Are you surrounded by givers or takers?

Do the people around you uplift you, push you to be better, and share generously? Do they offer a helping hand without expecting anything in return?

How do you feel after spending time with your close circle? Energized, valued, and inspired? Or more like a wilted flower?

There’s a huge difference between people who constantly take—be it your time, energy, or resources—versus those who genuinely give. 

Think about your circle. Think about your interactions, energy levels, and your feelings after each encounter. 

Really think about those moments, exchanges, and the emotions that linger afterward. 

Takers leave footprints. Givers plant seeds.



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xoxo, Susan


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