Are People Ruining Your Miracles?

Oh hayyy, reader,

Miracles happen. Every single day.
What’s standing in the way of achieving your miracle?

If you’re worried about what other people will think, you’re not alone. Honestly, I think I need to host an entire training on clapping back the naysayers.
On a more serious note, even the angriest naysayer won’t destroy your miracle. It’s your REACTION to their words that will get in the way.
Society teaches us to question people who are unapologetically going after what they want.
People will say: “Who does she think she is?”
Your answer: “I’m a bad b*tch who is about to make this miracle happen. THAT’S who I am.” *hair flip*
People will say: “She needs to remember where she came from!”
Your answer: “I remember clearly where I came from, but that’s not where I’m going, booberry.”
People will say: “She’s so full of herself.”
Your answer: “You’re right, I am full of self. It’s a beautiful way to be. You should try it sometime!”
There are all kinds of rules that women have learned from society, culture, our family of origin, peer groups, etc. It’s like we have an unspoken contract – don’t make waves, don’t ruffle feathers, don’t dream too big.
We’ve got to be ruthless and suss out these outdated, unhelpful beliefs. We must recognize why we have so much resistance to making miracles.
Worrying about what other people will think and say is very common.
But you are in control. You can change the conversation or remove yourself from the conversation altogether. You can make your own rules that serve YOU, and discover a new way of thinking and being to embody.
Trust that no matter what anyone else says, your work is paying off behind the scenes – even if you, or they, don’t see results yet.
You’re planting lots of seeds, so don’t walk away from the farm before those seeds can sprout and reveal your miracle!

Every woman is capable of making miracles. Regardless of what’s happened in your life before. Regardless of how many times things didn’t work out.
Even your past can be a miracle. It took me a while to see my past that way. But everything I’ve experienced then, the good and the bad, has brought me to the place I am today.
What miracles are you going to make?
It’s not a matter of IF you will make miracles… it’s WHEN.
And when you get out of your own way – your miracle will arrive sooner than you think.

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