Apparently, We Need Some Entitlement

Oh hi there, reader,

Recently, I was introduced to an eye-opening report by data science company The Female Lead called “The Unentitled Mindset.” (Thanks to podcast guest Eleanor Beaton for the intel on this gem!)

The report explores why women still, in 2021, have not achieved equality in the workplace. 

The big issue the report discovered is something called the “Unentitled Mindset” – meaning that women are conditioned to feel less entitled than men in all areas of their life, leading to a severe lack of confidence when asking for what they want. Specifically, the report found that “women often feel they should expect less, not take up too much space, and not demand more, even when they deserve it.”

I’ve said it before, but y’all know I will break my toes before I tip-toe around any issue that involves equality for women.

We’re all working so damn hard to close the wage gap… now I guess we have to deal with an ENTITLEMENT GAP, too.

Lemme throw the middle finger at that cause boo… I’m up for the challenge. 

If you want to slam the door on this entitlement mess, commit to doing at least one of these things this week:

Reduce your invisible workload. Become aware of the moments when you take on the extra work at home. Assign the extra work to your partner and kids. They can figure it out and should be doing just as much invisible labor as you do. 

Ask for what you want. A raise. A promotion. Higher prices for your services. Whatever it is – demand more. You deserve it. 

Make a scene. Make a loud, ‘effing messy scene. Stand up. Speak out. Do not cower. If you see something you do not like, take brave, unapologetic action to correct it.

This report lit a fire under my ass. I hope it lit one under yours, too. 

Let’s close the gap.

xoxo, Susan


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