Actual PROOF that “being yourself” leads to $$$.

“I certainly had no idea that being your ‘authentic self’ could get you as rich as I have become. If I’d known that, I’d have tried it a lot earlier.” 

—Oprah Winfrey

That’s one of my favorite quotes of all time.

When I share that quote with my clients, they typically say one of the following two things in response:

“I love that advice!” 


“Uh, sure, that’s great advice… if you’re OPRAH.”

Lots of people feel like “being your authentic self” is a great idea if you’re someone like Oprah, Beyoncé, or Michelle Obama. If you’re an iconic superstar, then yes, be yourself! People already love you! Obviously, keep being yourself!

But many people don’t think this same advice applies to them. 

“I’m not that great.” “I constantly break the promises that I’ve made to myself.” “I’m not that creative.” “I’m not like her.” “I’m nothing special.” “Trust me, nobody wants to meet the ‘real’ me.” “I’ve never done anything that impressive in my career.” “Why would anyone care about seeing my ‘authentic self’? What the heck does that even mean?”

Those are the exact phrases that my clients say to me. Lots of ‘em are convinced that “being themselves” is a really bad idea. Or just pointless.

“How does ‘being myself’ lead to getting more clients and earning more money?” they sometimes ask. They don’t see the connection. They’re dubious. They want proof.

Oh, I got proof.

Here’s just one example:

Authenticity = Beyoncé fantasies & a sold-out retreat.

I constantly post on Facebook about my obsession with Beyoncé. Beyoncé GIFs. Beyoncé lyrics. Beyoncé shirts. I’ve done this for years, and… people notice.

One day, out of the blue, an NYC Broadway Star (he was enrolled in my Go Get It program at the time) emailed me and offered to teach a private dance class for me and my BARE clients… at Beyoncé’s rehearsal studio. Un-freaking-believable.

Peeps just about lost their minds with excitement. Tickets for my NYC retreat sold like hotcakes. I had a blast, made tons of cash, and everyone had the greatest time.

This entire opportunity happened because I was just being myself. I love Beyoncé. I’m not afraid who knows it. Consequently, over the years, I’ve attracted friends, colleagues, and clients who love Beyoncé, too. And then, look what happens: word spreads, people talk, and one day, you get a personal invitation to stand in the exact room where Beyoncé’s sweat has fallen into the floorboards… surrounded by clients who are ecstatic to be there with you, too.

Authenticity, people. This shit works.

More proof:

Authenticity = a TV screenwriting deal.

My friend Melissa loves scandalous, dramatic TV shows like Game of Thrones and Empire, and she talks about her fave shows constantly. She’s done this for YEARS. As a result, she has attracted friends (like me!) and clients who share her TV obsessions. Last year, she got her first big break as a screenwriter and got hired to write a script for the Lifetime Network. The movie is coming out this year! How did it happen? Because she’s got a network of TV-obsessed/entertainment industry friends who could help make introductions and open doors for her. (And because she worked her ASS off. That, too.)

And MORE proof:

Authenticity = A major award & devoted customers.

My client Amy dealt with horrific hormonal and auto-immune issues that left her in pain, fatigued, with rashes all over her skin. She noticed that she felt SO much better after tweaking her eating habits to avoid refined sugar, processed wheat flour, and anything with chemicals or preservatives. Now she runs a gluten-free pizza crust company, and she tells her personal story at every possible opportunity. Customers love her pizza crusts, but even more so, they love her inspiring story of transformation. Recently, her company won an award from a major food & healthy living magazine. Coincidence? Nope. It’s the power of authenticity. (Side note: her products are DELICIOUS. You should order a dozen crusts and keep them in your freezer for quick, healthy dinners.)

Authenticity = not that complicated.

If you’re obsessed with something, then talk about it.

If you believe that something’s true, then say so.

If it happened to you, then share your story.

“Being authentic” isn’t rocket science, peeps—it’s just a daily habit of saying what you actually think and feel, and telling true stories about your life.

And, as all of these stories illustrate, there’s a huge pay-off for your career. Always. Authenticity is like a magnet for professional connections, exciting opportunities, and ideal clients, not to mention, friends who just freaking LOVE you.

I hope I’ve convinced you to just be… YOU.

The most effective marketing, sales, and audience-building strategy in the entire world is when you stand up and say:

“Hey… this is me.”

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xoxo, Susan


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