7 magical, tingly, surefire signs that your idea is a GO.

Should I go? Or not? Is this right? Or not? Maybe itll be great I dont know!

If you’re not feeling certain about a big decision — like taking a trip to a foreign country, or hiring a consultant, or changing careers, or moving to a new city — here are 7 powerful signs to look out for.

If you’re getting one (or more!) of these signs?

Honey? It’s a GO.

1. Theres major synchronicity.

When something is a definite YES, things often seem to line up “miraculously.”

Strange and wonderful coincidences happen — as if the universe is trying to wave a gigantic banner in front of your face, hollering, “GO!”

Case in point: While I was planning my upcoming trip to Thailand, I had a moment of doubt and disappointment, realizing that I would probably have to stop doing my Crossfit training while I’m there (Crossfit is my JAM!).

Then — get this! — I learned that the man who owns the house (read: mansion) that I’m renting in Thailand… is a HUGE Crossfitter! Not only that, there’s a Crossfit gym less than half a mile from the house. What. Are. The. Odds?!

2. Your body is tingling.

Your body always knows what’s right, often long before your brain catches up.

Another Thailand example: after seeing a photo of James Bond Island, I had full-body tingles. I just KNEW I needed to go there, and bring a group of women along for a life-changing retreat. It wasn’t logical. It was spontaneous and wild. But my body KNEW.

I announced the retreat on a Saturday and it was sold out by Monday morning. Boom.

3. People freak out. (In a good way.)

When I shared my plan to produce my own webTV show with a couple of close friends and collaborators, the response was a unanimous “YES!”

Every single person I spoke to — well, people whose opinions I respect, anyway — said, “I can totally see that. Do it.” Their eyes light up and they got insanely excited for me. Their bodies were tingling, too.

4. You can’t stop thinking about it.

After I got the idea to host a ladies-only dinner party — complete with farm-to-table food, life coaching exercises, wine, laughter and love — I couldn’t shake the idea from my mind. I obsessed over it — in the best possible way. I researched restaurants. I drooled over menus. I didn’t have to “make” myself plan the event and pull together the details. I couldn’t stop myself!

5. It doesn’t feel like “work.”

Yes, bringing your ideas to life requires devotion and effort. But the right ideas usually have a quality of “ease.”

You’re working hard, but time just flies by. You’re not watching the clock or groaning about what needs to be done — it just feels good. There’s a sense of momentum, rather than tons of friction and stuckness. Think: soaring down a ski slope, rather than pushing a boulder up a hill.

6. It feels like coming “home.”

The first time I coached a client, I remember thinking, “This is where I belong.”

When my friend Alex visited Portland for the first time, she had an immediate reaction to the city and said, “This feels like home.”

I’ve had clients and friends report all kinds of similar experiences:

“When I saw her website, I wanted to live inside of it. It felt like home. I knew she was the One I needed to hire.”

“When he wrapped his arms around me, I was home.”

“When I got off that plane, I knew: I was home.”

“Home” is a beautiful place to be… and it’s a sure sign that you’re on the right path.

7. The stakes are low, but the rewards are high.

If bringing your idea to life really doesn’t require much time, money or effort — but the potential rewards are sky-high — that’s a very good sign.

When I decided to create a brand-new offering called The Ultimate — a whole year of 1:1 coaching with me — I didn’t have to do much to pull it off.

I put together a short description of the offering. Mapped out what I could promise, and what I’d need to be paid. And then, I simply sent out a brief note to my mailing list to say: This is what Im doing. If this looks like what you need, holla at me.

The first three spots got booked, almost instantly. It could have gone a totally different way — zero interest, no response — and I knew that. But it took so little effort to send out that one invitation… and the potential rewards were so high… what did I have to lose? Nada.

Not every notion is meant to happen. Sometimes, despite your highest hopes and best efforts, it’s just not meant to be. (Or: not meant to be, in the exact form & shape that you’d originally envisioned.)

But if you’re getting one (or more!) of these 7 signs… that’s a pretty strong indication that your idea is a good one.

Test it out. Take one more step forward. Trust the timing. Trust the signs.

They’re showing up for a reason:

To help you create your best possible life.


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xoxo, Susan


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