4 Ways to FINALLY Get What You Want in 2022

It’s a new year BABY!

I don’t know about you, but I’m willing to take any opportunity to be optimistic and this feels like a good one. Listennnnn, I know that there is plenty of reason to feel all sorts of other feelings, and I’m here for all of that too. I’ve no interest in bypassing the amount of trauma the last few years have brought with it, collectively and individually. But alsooooo,  we have an opportunity to reflect, reset, and set some intentions. Here are mine!

My mantra of the year:

“I’ve got nerve.”

I can hear my mother saying this to me as a little girl like it was yesterday. “You’ve got SOME NERVE.” It was always when I was being audacious, standing out, being… well, me. So I’m turning that on it’s head and owning it this year. I’ve got all the f*cking nerve. To speak up, to stand out, to say and do what I mean, to do it wearing sparkles and without fear of being “too much.” If I’m too much, others are welcome to opt out. Find less. It won’t be with me.

What I’m letting go of:

I’ve mentioned a few times that this year has been a lot “behind the scenes.” The impact of those things may remain, but I’m choosing to let go of the hold of those events in my present. Meaning: the road behind me is set, and the road ahead of me is up to me. They made me stronger, they inform who I am, and I don’t live there. Byeeeee!

What I’m inviting in:

Fresh energy. Possibility. Connection. Joy!

My team and I have been working on planning the year ahead and it’s looking like all of that! My website, podcast, social media, ways to engage with y’all: everything is getting revamped in an exciting way. I’m so looking forward to new ways to connect with you!

xoxo, Susan


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