3 Ways to Have Fantastic Meals At Your House


Happy Tuesday, my people!

My facebook friends will know that I’ve been investigating lots of different ways to have fantastic meals at my house. You’d think with a newly renovated kitchen I’d be more inspired to cook, but that only lasted a few weeks. #thestruggleisreal


If you are looking for new and different ways to get some food on the table, here’s my review of a variety of options:

Recipe and food delivery services:

Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Plated are three services that will deliver food to your door. Inside each box delivered is cooler with a recipe and all of the ingredients to cook the meal. So easy and the ingredients are generally very fresh.

Of the three, I loved Hello Fresh the most. I thought the recipes were great and the food seemed the freshest. Blue Apron seemed to be more “kid friendly” and less gourmet.

If shopping and planning a menu are your issue and you do not mind the cooking, this is your best choice.

I had some “food shame” around this that I wrote about here.

Cook for day, eat for a week:

Oh my GOODNESS is this a healthy, super efficient and cost savings way to do it. If you want to save time and money, go this route. You will sacrifice some flavor and freshness, but I truly loved having it all “done” on a Sunday afternoon for the while week.

I consulted with my social media homies and received lots of tips and suggestions. The basic premise is that you plan your menu for a week (or longer), grocery shop, cook and package/freeze multiple meals that will last you an entire week.

Step by Step guidance

Meal planning

Containers to make individual meals

I felt amazing about this strategy, until it was time to do it again the next Sunday, and I was in Chicago. And then I was over it. LOL But, this is an amazing choice if you are super busy, with no time in the evenings to cook. This is also the best way to save on groceries.

Personal Chef:

Which leads me to my current strategy of using a personal chef. Remember my posts about my “Italian Nonna” in Italy? I now have one in Indiana. And she makes me so happy. In fact, she’s simmering and chopping and baking in my kitchen right now as I type.


Honestly, using a personal chef is actually saving me money. She’s a way better grocery shopper than I am, we have off the hook meals for lunch and dinner, and I am saving on take out.

Whatever you choose, remember that you deserve fuel that tastes delicious and helps keep your god pod firing. No strategy leads to Taco Bell. Have a plan.

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xoxo, Susan


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