$100K per year. Yes, you can.

Imagine earning $100,000 per year.

How would that type of money change your life?

Would $100K mean… that you can upgrade to a nicer home? You can donate 100 books to your local library? Take your kids on a life-changing trip to the village where Grandma was born? Splurge on regular massages? Hire a housekeeper? Get the “deluxe” pedicure or the “fancy” latte without feeling guilty? All of the above?

If you run a business (especially a coaching / consulting / teaching / training business)—and you want to earn $100K in 2019—I want to help you.

I’m running a program called On the 6 (inspired by the title of J.Lo’s debut album) and it’s all about bringing your business to 6-figures per year. Breaking past the $100K ceiling.


* Six month program starting in January 2019.

* Group program, 2 spots remaining.

* Coaching on mindset, motivation, confidence, money blocks, marketing and sales.

* Check out the program description here. If this sounds exciting, you can apply here.

If you are serious about increasing your income—you’re ready to make a plan, make brave choices, spend your time differently, and really go ALL IN—go ahead and apply.

Yes, you can do this.

And yes, it’s going to feel amazing.





PS. If you’re already generating more than $100K per year… that is AWESOME. If your next goal is to reach $1 million per year, I have another program called the Mastermind. You can see the Mastermind details here and apply. Just like On the 6, it starts in January. It’s going to be a big money year. Blast some J.Lo and get ready.

xoxo, Susan


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